Kick the Killer Carb 5 Day Challenge
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Starts Monday, Join Anytime!
With This Challenge You Will Get...
Daily Posts & Top Tips
Each day you will get a post from me to give you things such as fantastic delicious simple no-faff recipes, coping mechanisms to help rid your sugar cravings, motivations and much, much more!
Daily Coaching Videos
Every day you will get video training with me, to watch at a time best suited for you, where I take you through the days subject.
Discover a New You
This isn't just about Kicking the Killer Carb; its about you gaining control of your health, your weight, changing shape, losing "the bloat", gaining more energy whilst not being hungry or craving chocolate!
Hi, Alison here from Wellbeing 4 Life, creator of the 28 Day Drop a Dress Size System .

I've got a really exciting announcement to share with you today...

We are going to be doing a Kick the Killer Carb challenge next Monday!

So you're thinking "Killer Carb - what's that?" right?

Well, the Killer Carb I'm talking about is.....processed Sugar!
What I mean by that is the white stuff, so not fruit and not natural sugars because your body needs a certain amount of natural sugar to work properly...

But we are all eating and drinking so much more processed and artificial sugars right now.

These are causing huge health issues for us and our families such as poor energy, lack of sleep, increased stress, hormonal issues, through to Diabetes, heart issues, fatty liver disease and there is even ongoing research into it as a cause of cancer. 

So on my Kick the Killer Carb challenge you will learn all about the different sugars and the effect they have on the body.

Next Monday, can you go sugar free for just 5 days?

Would you like to join me?
Do you want to stop being addicted to sugar?

Would you like to stop those awful cravings?

Do you want a better nights sleep or better skin?

Do you want more energy without relying on sugar to get you through the day?

Do you want to lose that bloated tummy in just a few short days?

Come and join me on the Kick the Killer Carb challenge next Monday
Sign up with the link now - Its just £4.97 and that £4.97 is just really to make sure you show up! 
You will be learning so many Top Tips on how to go sugar free like... 

Why having a tasty, delicious, simple breakfast helps you kill the cravings

How to make amazing healthy chocolate snacks that taste delicious

I'm also going to help you master your mindset and set you free from cravings by giving you coping strategies to use in your everyday life

You get a plan for the week with fantastic tasting, simple, no-faff, recipes

You will be in a private Facebook group with me, I will be doing a coaching video every single day so I am there with you.

You're also going to get posts everyday telling you exactly what to do

And I'll even open the private Facebook group a few days earlier so we can get to know each other and you can ask any questions to get yourself prepared.

So come and join me on my Kick the Killer Carb 5 Day Challenge starting next Monday

Its going to be awesome!
So many people have had incredible results with this already...
Signup with the link and I will see you there

Bye for now
Starts Monday, Join Anytime!
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